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Imaculum Support Docs

Documentation is a work in progress. Please also refer to the First Steps video playlist.

Event Till -> Settings -> Search

Note: Barcode search in Imaculum is compatible with regular barcodes and QR codes.

1. Enable Barcodes - Y/N
This enables Imaculum's barcode recognition algorithms.

2. Only show matches - Y/N
Leave enabled for now.

3. Barcode Mode

By sequence - Forwards
Return all photos from the target barcode to the next barcode.
(ie you take the barcode photo, then the photos)

By Sequence - Backwards
Return all the photos from target barcode to previous barcode
(ie you take the photos and THEN the barcode)

By Directory
Return all photos that are in the same directory as the target barcode.
(ie You take a photo of a barcode at some point. The barcode applies to everything in the same directory.)

By Content
Return photos where the photograph CONTAINS the barcode.
(ie you have marathon runners or rowboats on a boating lake and the QR is attached to the actual runner/boat.)
If you have this mode on, then the images containing barcodes are NOT removed from previews.

4. Exact Barcodes Only - Y/N
Leave enabled for now.

5. Limit barcode scope to Directory - Y/N
Leave enabled by now.
Imaculum will currently work with one folder containing barcodes. Future updates will enable barcodes to be located in multiple folders.

6. Allow "Show All' Button - Y/N
'N' will hide the 'Show All' button in the Viewing Station. Useful if you wish to have images that can only be viewed by the holder of the barcode (ie private galleries). See the article below for futher instructions to enable private galleries.

Private Photo View

Imaculum can be set so that only the holder of a search code can view images. The customer would need to know the file name fo the images they need to find, or a barcode reference.

Event Till -> Settings

1. Preferences -> Slideshow
Set 'Display Specific Images in Slideshow' to 'Yes'
Set 'First action when customer starts session' to 'Text/Barcode Search'
Click 'Save Settings'
Navigate to the 'IMACULUM/Misc/Slideshow' folder and place images in there. This prevents images from the camera feed from being placed automatically into the standby slideshow.

2. Search -> Barcodes
Set 'Allow "Show All" Button' to 'No'
Click 'Save Settings'

3. Search -> Folders
Set 'Enable Folder Search' to 'No'
Click 'Save Settings'

Imaculum will now take a customer direct to the text search interface. If your images are saved with the barcode ID in the filename, then the customer needs to type in the ID and all matching images will be displayed to them. Images can be located in multiple sub-folders within the 'Capture' folder.

If you are using Imaculum's built in barcode scanning, images currently need to all be in a single folder.

If you are not using barcodes, and are giing filename references to your customers, then the customer needs to type in each filename one by one.