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Hints & Tips


Helpful Hints & Tips

1. Speed up your image workflow! Think about the image resolution you need to shoot at. A 12x8 image is a 9 mega pixel photo. Most cameras capture images at 18+ mp. If you're not printing larger than 12x8, set your camera to capture images at a resolution close to 10mp. You'll make great savings in transmission time, disk storage and processing time.

2. Face recognition works when the face is clearly visible in the image. For best recognition results, the face should be fully turned to the camera. A half visible face, or dark glasses or hair covering eyes, can cause difficulties for a person to be recognised by a computer.

3. The quality of lighting available to your webcam to view your customer is also important. The image the webcam captures of the customer is used to find matching event photos. Many event venues have low ambient light levels, so a webcam will struggle to see your customer clearly. Well lit subjects at the Viewing Screens will assist with faster and more accurate face matching.

4. We're a big fan of touchscreens! Touch is a very natural interaction method for humans. Additionally, with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, the majority of people will now approach a screen and expect to be able to interact with it by touch. Imaculum has been designed to be controlled by touch input, but it works perfectly using mouse input too.