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Release Notes History


Version 191101

Released 4th Nov 2019

New Features
1. Barcode recognition - photograph a QR code and then the customer. Imaculum then detects the barcode and the customer can then input the barcode into the text search at the Viewing Station (either manually type the barcode ID or use a barcode scanner). Their images will be shown to them in a fraction of a second. No need to manually tag the barcode info into the image EXIF, or rename the filename to include the barcode ID.

1. Number of imagesin the library is now displayed in the 'System Notes' in the main Event Till view.

Bugs Fixed
1. When printing via Imaculum, some users reported some images were missing, or duplicates of other images.

2. A piece of code referenced a byte array of ’43 68 72 69 73’. This translates to ‘chris’ in plain text. A subsequent piece of code said to exclude folders and images with this byte array from the Viewing Station. Thus a folder called 'Christmas' or a file called 'Christine.jpg' would not be displayed in the Viewing Station.

3. Archive bug fixed - if the Archive folder contained a folder with fewer than 9 characters in the folder name, then the archive process would stall.

4. Set a file check so that only .png files can be set as overlay files. Trying to import any other file type would create an exception error message to show.

5. Double clicking on white space in the Deals box caused an exception error to be displayed.

6. Email addresses typed into the Favourites text field are now case insensitive.

7. Image count would flicker in the bottom right of the Viewing Station.

8. Event Till, with an order open. If user clicked on grey area surrounding the thumbnail images, the thumbnails would turn to red crosses.

9. Cursor set to automatically show in the text box when the user clicks the 'Login' button.

10. Text field in 'Text Search' is now clear at the start of every new search.

11. Orders not already in the Archive Folder not archived when 'Archive Now' clicked.

12. Selecting a folder named '1' would return image results for pictures within the folder and all imagesin the library with the character '1' somewhere in its filename.


Notes for releases prior to Imaculum version 191101 are not available.